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3 50th birth anniversary of Founder St. Louis de Montfort was celebrated on 31st January 2023. To commemorate the 350th birth anniversary , various events were conducted for the students like poster making competitions, quiz, video presentations on the life of St.Montfort etc. from 27th to 31st Jan 2023.

All the students actively participated in the event and were inspired by the life of St. Montfort and the congregation started by him which is actively working in education mission more than 120 years in India empowering every sector of community to become better human being.

It ‘s a proud moment for all the Montfortians across the world to be part of milestone of 350th birth anniversary of the founder which is a great privilege and blessings to everyone who shares the charism and the values of Montfort across the world.

Let live the spirit of Montfort ins the generations to come.

May His inspiration reach eternity.

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