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Montfort Academy was honoured to host SES experts from Germany during their recent visits.

The SES expert from Germany Dr.Matthias Seidlhas over 30 years of professional experience in managing positions in the areas ofsales, marketing and distribution. He mainly held managing positions in sales companies inGermany, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, and he still works as a consultant in this sector. Dr.Seidlvisited Montfort Academy as part of his assignment  agreed upon between the Montfort Academy and the SES Expert . In the course of the three weeks at the Academy from 6th Jan 2024 to 26th Jan 2024, the expert attended, assessed and conducted lectures in numerous classes for 10 and 12 of the Open School as well as in the technical course. Focus of the lectures conducted were career advice across all classes, Business Studies curriculum of year 10 as well as lectures on how the stock market works for both year 10 and 12. In addition, the expert gave a lecture on the structure of the automotive industry to the Technical Course, with a view to explaining where potential job opportunities might lie for the students.


 Montfort Academy is fortunate enough to receive the expertise from the senior experts from Germany which will indeed enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

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