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Mr.Stephan Bethge, SES expert in Automobile /Mechanical sector from Germany visited Montfort Academy for a period of 3 weeks from 29th Oct to 17th Nov 2023. He was assigned by Senior Expert Service to provide assistance in training the trainers in the Automobile trade . The staff and students of Montfort Academy received him with a warm welcome. He shared his expertise with the staff and students of the Academy especially the Automobile trainees and trainer. He guided the trainees and trainers about the various techniques of teaching and learning through practical sessions especially using models and video presentations.Mr.Stephangave his valuable input on how to improve the quality of training . In fact, his presence in Montfort Academy was really enriching for all of us.

On the day of his departure to Germany, a farewell programme was organised by the students and staff of Montfort Academy as a token of their gratitude and affection to Mr.Stephan for contributing his expertise for the development of the Academy.

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