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Women’s day was celebrated at Montfort Academy on 8th March 2023. Games and activities were organized for the girl students on the day. The female staff and students were honoured by the male staff and students under the guidance of the Director & Principal Bro.Prem. The Director appreciated the services of the female staff and emphasised the importance of gender equality in the present-day world.

T he students have expressed their sentiments on the occasion of Women’s Day on how the women in the family have been transforming their life after birth. They are grateful to the teachers who are part and parcel of their journey to reach their aspirational goals in life.

Mrs.Sheela on behalf of the women staff expressed her gratitude to the men in the family , workplace for the respect and dignity she has been receiving for what she is. She expressed her gratitude to all men who are the driving force for the women empowerment in every spectrum. The students were given refreshments to cherish the moment in being together, growing together and learning together which is the only way forward for making an egalitarian society.

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