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A 20 hrs credit course on behavioural skills and basic accounting by Mr.Sameer Kapadi was scheduled for the students of Montfort Academy. The topics included orientation to Employability skills, Ethics, Morals & Values, Social Etiquettes and Manners, Know Yourself, Team building etc. This course is been introduced for the first time to the students of Montfort Academy to instil the skills beyond the books which are very essential to survive and grow in a work place.

Having knowledge on Behavioural Science and basic accounting does not make anyone proficient to be eligible for any job, unless and until they start practising these learned values, ethics , moral and social etiquettes in their everyday life.

It’s the team work and team building which are the 2 core elements for the growth of any organisation. The individual need to be trained themselves to fit in any group and create a value to that group and become a team builder & contribute for the growth of the team and for the development of the organization. Hence the students are personally trained with practical exercises to make themselves adopt to learn the etiquettes that will shape their life in the course of time. At the end of the programme , practical tests were conducted for the students and meritorious students were rewarded for their excellence.

We are grateful to Mr.Sameer Kapadi for effectively conducting the sessions for the outgoing students of Electrician II , Automobile , NIOS X & XII.

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