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Educational Visit to ICAR Old Goa

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Montfort Academy has an MoU with ICAR Goa for mutual training and learning in the field of Agriculture, research & development and agro skilling. As part of this initiative , Montfort Academy organised educational visit to ICAR Old Goa on 12th January 2023. Total 48 students and 4 teachers participated in the educational visit.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra In charge of ICAR, Dr. Rahul Kulkarni, scientist welcomed us in the KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) Section. The scientist while introducing about ICAR briefed on the functioning of the Research centre as “ ICAR – Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute” is one of the research Institute established under Indian Council of Agriculture Research New Delhi. The ICAR at Old Goa caters to the need of 8 states in the neighbourhood of Goa. He also mentioned how ICAR plays a major role in promoting excellence in agriculture.

After the Introduction Dr. Rahul started to explain different methods of farming such as mix technology farming, double farming, Integrated farming system etc. He also gave in-depth inputs and information on paddy cultivation and its varieties. He also explained about integrated farming system, its mechanisation in agriculture and green fodder farming.

He further explained on different poultry farms, preparation of virgin coconut oil Jeevamrut honey bee cultivation, floriculture, varieties of cows such as Shweth Kapila, Kerala cows and Jerrsy, pisciculture etc.

Finally he concluded on explanation on vermi-composting saying that earthworm is the MD of soil. He explained how to do vermi-composting at home. The scientist encouraged the students to get into the field of agriculture and complete a degree in the same. He also told the students that ICAR is always ready to help the local farmers to do agriculture. He also spoke about modern mechanization in farming.

The students had a great learning experience by physically seeing the advanced technology that is being used in agriculture, poultry and floriculture and animal husbandry.

The students interaction with the scientist and the people who are working in ICAR have changed their idea and perceptions about agriculture sector.

We were happy to note that the students had expressed their sentiments of satisfaction and benefits they have gained by this educational visit to the ICAR. We strongly believe this sort of initiation will certainly ignite their love for farming and agriculture in the future. The session was absolutely knowledgeable and informative. Finally, the session winded up with group photos along with Dr. Rahul.

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