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Fitness Drive: Fitness drive was organized at Montfort Academy in association with the Old Goa Police team in support of "Fit India Movement " initiated by Honourable PM of India to spread awareness on fitness and various physical activities that promote fitness through focused campaigns.

Under the programme, a one-hour fitness session was held at Montfort Academy by the Old Goa Police team which included yoga for ten minutes, followed by planks and other exercises.

The police personnel gave a pep talk on the importance of regular exercise and fitness. It should become part of the regular time table( Dincharya) of every individual. The mental stability, intellectual growth and emotional balance are attained through the process of creating a healthy body. The physical exercise also will relieve the students and parents from their regular stress of studies and work. So the students are motivated to practise the simple and basic yoga practises like Pranayama and Suryanamaskar which are very essential to keep the respiratory system healthy and strong. It also energises physically , mentally & psychologically.

The students have pledged themselves after the fitness drive that they will continue to practise physical exercises at home to keep themselves fit and fine.

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