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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities in association with Directorate of Social Welfare and Entertainment Society of Goa had organised a 3day mega event, Purple Fest from 06, 07th and 08th January 2023.The Purple Fest is one of its kind events happening for the first time in India.

Jagruti Mela is a platform, which brings various stakeholders, associated with Persons with Disabilities under a single roof to get introduced to knowledge and information towards education, skilling, schemes, training and livelihood opportunities to take the right path since the beginning of the journey of persons with disabilities resulting in successful livelihood.


The Mela consisted of 10 areas that highlighted the opportunities, resources and services available for Persons with Disabilities.

In this regards Montfort Academy was the only private ITI chosen by Directorate of Social Welfare to conduct awareness and sensitization of the participant on the topic Skill training, schemes and services available for the students with disabilities. Under the banner of Inclusive Education Cell , a stall was allotted for the Academy to create awareness of the different technical and academic courses offered by Montfort Academy that suits the differently abled people based on their level of disability.

It was a great experience and opportunity for the staff and students of Montfort Academy to interact with the people from different walks of life. The fest also highlighted the aspect of inclusive education and taught the value of education by including the differently abled children without any discrimination.

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