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Summer Camp 2023: A Resounding Success Fostering Sports & Artistic Talents

Montfort Academy in Corlim, Goa, organized a captivating 40-day summer camp for children aged 8 to 18, catering to both boys and girls. Spanning from April 15th to May 30th, the camp concluded with a grand closing ceremony on June 2nd, leaving a lasting impression on all participants. Football coaching, skating lessons, and art and drawing classes were the highlights of the Montfort Academy Summer Camp 2023, offering a diverse

range of activities to foster talent and skill development.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Paulo Joao, a D-license coach, physical education

teacher, and professional footballer, along with Coach Priyanka Redkar, another accomplished D-license coach and physical education teacher, the football coaching sessions provided aspiring young athletes with valuable training and mentorship. The participants benefited from the extensive knowledge and experience of the coaches, gaining valuable insights into the sport and enhancing their skills on the field.

Skating lessons, led by Mr. Sateesh Shetty, a highly skilled and experienced professional

skating trainer, added an exhilarating element to the summer camp. Mr. Shetty's decade-long expertise in the field ensured that the young skaters received top-notch coaching and were able to improve their skating abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

Additionally, Mr. Rohit Bhosle, an ardent art enthusiast and educator, took charge of the art

and drawing lessons during the camp. His passion for the arts and his ability to inspire

creativity sparked the imaginations of the young participants, guiding them in exploring their artistic talents and honing their skills.

The closing ceremony of the summer camp was graced by esteemed chief guest, Mr.

Laxmikanth Kattimani, an Indian associations football player who currently plays as a

goalkeeper for the Hyderabad ISL team. His presence uplifted the spirits of the attendees,

and his inspiring keynote address resonated deeply with the young minds. Mr. Kattimani not only shared valuable insights about football but also emphasized the importance of education alongside sports, motivating the participants to pursue excellence in both arenas. The students were elated as they received medals, trophies, and certificates from Mr. Kattimani, recognizing their achievements and hard work during the summer camp. The overwhelming response from parents and students has been incredibly positive, with many expressing their desire for such camps to be held regularly. The Montfort Academy Summer Camp 2023 has left a lasting impression, providing a platform for children to explore their interests, develop their skills, and build lifelong friendships. The parents' satisfaction and encouragement serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the management of Montfort Academy, particularly the Director and Principal, Rev. Brother Prem, Sg., and his team. Their tireless efforts in organizing this event reflect their commitment to the betterment of society and the nurturing of the younger generation.

We are thrilled to announce that Montfort Academy will be launching a series of training programs starting from July 2023, in response to the overwhelming requests and positive

feedback received from parents and participants of our recent summer camp. We understand the value of professional coaching and the desire for continuous skill development, and we are committed to providing exceptional training opportunities for your children. Stay tuned for more details! We will be sharing comprehensive information about the training programs on our college website and public forums very soon. You will have access to all the necessary information regarding schedules, fees, registration process, and the expertise of our qualified trainers. Keep an eye out for our announcements, and make sure to secure a spot for your child in the training program that aligns with their interests and goals. Together, let's embark on a journey of continuous improvement and success!

As the curtains close on another successful summer camp, Montfort Academy reaffirms its

commitment to providing holistic education, fostering talent, and nurturing young minds.

The impact of the summer camp will continue to resonate, inspiring the participants to

pursue their passions, explore their potential, and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

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